Barn Yard Bees is located in the North Georgia Mountains of Chatsworth, Georgia. Our bees are very calm and high producing honey bee stock. All of our bee stock is originally from the same bee stock of The Fat Bee Man, Don Kuchenmeister of Lula Ga. We sell 5 frame nucs for $195 in a 3/4 inch advantech hive body, or $175 in your box thoughout the year.
we also have 3-4 pound packages for $135 during spring season, and 10 frame deeps for $400 when available.
When you come for pick up, we will take you through the hive make sure that you are 100% satisfied, then we will seal up the box,and load it in your vehicle.
Call or text us  anytime.
     (706) 581-0473      (706) 508-2257        (706) 508-8605