BarnYard Bees

Our new website team is about to redesign this page, so please be patient with us, we hope to be completed  by  March  2018

Until then we are still taking phone orders for Queens, feeders, and all other supplies.&  also taking deposits on Nucs, and Packages, for 2018.
(706) 508.8605

Come Visit our new supply store located at:
215 E Market Street,
Chatsworth Georgia...

Current off season hours​​
Wednesday & Friday 10:00am-5:00pm
Saturday  10:00am-2:00pm
(or call to set up and appointment if needed.)

Store hours will be extended startng March 1st

 We are still taking deposits for 2018 Packages and Nuc orders.
Click on deposit button above to place your order. Get your order in for your nuc or packages for the 2018 season before they sell out.

Big thanks to everyone for the support, and for giving us the opportunity to assist you with all your beekeeping needs.  
BarnYard Bees is located in the North Georgia Mountains of beautiful Chatsworth, Georgia.

  5 Frame Nucs
 Our 5 frame nucs come ready to go in a 3/4 inch weather resistant Advantech deep hive body thats already been painted and includes a full functioning established colony with a laying queen, 10,000-12,000 workers, drones, various stages of eggs, larvae, and capped brood on 100% natural drawn out wax comb.
We do not sell our bees in cheap cardboard boxes, or cage the queens.
Our queens are running around inside each hive performing as they should for you to observe at time of pickup.
$195 complete nuc or $175 in your box.
We will also swap your nuc box out, if you purchased from us previously.

2018 Packages  for sale
Our 3 pound packages consist of atleast 3 lbs of bees (usually between 3-4 lbs or 10,000-13,000 bees) a mated Italian queen, and a full can of feeding syrup inside a easy to carry well ventillated package.


Mated Queens $30 
add $5 for marking
Please call for availability
(Yes we ship)

We also carry a wide arrangement of beekeeping tools, supplies, woodware, and more. For more info please contact us via numbers listed below, or come by our store located at:
215-B East market street.
we're right beside the historical Wright Hotel landmark. 

Satisfaction Guarantee
When you come for pick up, you have the option to go through the hive, inspect, and ask any questions you might have.

 After we make sure you are 100% satisfied, we will seal up the hives, and load them into your vehicle.

please note that all deposits are nonrefundable due to cost of materials, labor, care and feeding.

Call or Text us  anytime.

(706) 971-2700      Store
      (706) 508-8605      Heather
  (706) 581-0473      Jimmy
(706) 508-2257       Dave

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